Announcing Our Brand New 2023 Podcast!

We're currently talking with potential guests and inviting them to be on our brand new educational podcast that's focused on interviews with doctors, health industry entrepreneurs and business experts.

Bringing you inspiration, amazing stories and the important trends happening in 2023 that you need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

Jared Woodruff is the host of this exciting new podcast. He has 10 years of experience interviewing doctors and health professionals.

There is no cost for our guest to be on the show, but lots of benefits!

If you're interesting in possibly being a guest, let us know in the chat.

Introducing Artificially Intelligent Spokesmodel Video Commercials


Do You Want To Set Your Practice

Ahead Of All The Others In Town?

Be An Innovator Or Early Adopter! We are so excited about our Brand New AI Spokesmodels Video Commercial Program and what this means for you. Because this gives independent practices and business a huge advantage with their new patient and new customer acquisition efforts!

We believe that our AI video commercials will make the most powerful marketing format online, which is customized video marketing, affordable and open up a whole new opportunity for thousands of independents who take action Early On!


We are inviting potential Beta Participants to receive a Free AI video commercial ($1000 value) in exchange for their honest feedback about our AI spokesmodels. If this sounds interesting. Let's Talk About It...

Check Out Vincent Below. He's An AI Model!

  • You can supercharge your brand and reputation

  • You're recognized in your town as an early adopter

  • You enjoy lifetime rights to your AI video

  • We cover all the production costs for you

  • Video on your website can double conversions

  • These rank like crazy Boost your rankings in Google

  • You are seen by more people who need your services

Guru Reels TV Expert Interview / Instant Authority Program

You're An Expert


Help Your Community

LOCAL GURUS like you are excited about the Guru Reels TV Expert Interview Program because it gives independents a voice in town!

​​​​​​​We support as many independently owned businesses as we possibly can and help them get their message out to folks about the benefits of using an independently operated business!

We are inviting potential Guest Gurus to be interviewed for our shows. If you would like to help your neighbors by sharing some of the benefits you feel people enjoy with independents. Let's Talk.

Some benefits of being interviewed on GRTV

  • You educate people in your area about your value
  • You're recognized as a local, trusted expert
  • You enjoy lifetime rights to your video
  • We cover all the production costs
  • Video on your website can nearly double conversions
  • Boost your rankings in Google
  • You help people who need your services


We Support Independent Businesses

Every independently owned business needs different types of video to compete in today’s noisy online marketplace. (They need different types of videos to solve different problems. )

Generally speaking, there are two main choices in video: do it yourself, or hire a professional productions company. Both have their place in your new business acquisition strategy.

But for most independents there is a BIG PROBLEM with getting professionally produced videos…they are expensive!!!

(Typically $1000 per finished minute)

Now the good news! At Guru Reels TV, we made it our Mission to solve the big problem… We underwrite the production costs for independently owned businesses and there's no ongoing expenses for you!

Join The 500+ Local Gurus We Have Interviewed


Get massive long-term exposure to prospects in your neighborhoods.

People are constantly looking for your type of services, most would support an independent business if they knew about you & the benefits they get.


Being interviewed fun and easy!

Your producer goes step by step through the process with you. The two you work together to create a script with your tips and advice so you can help even more people.


Thousands of people see you being interviewed as the local guru in your community.

Our interviews encourage viewers to call you because you build trust as you help them in their decision making process.


No major time commitment for you.

Or a drawn out production schedule. Everything is accomplished in 2 convenient Zoom meetings of 1 hour each. ​​​​​​​Your interview is typically live online within 10 days.

Looking For More Calls? Need More Appointments?

(If Yes, What Are You Waiting For? Let's Talk About Interviewing You...)

The Local Dental Gurus Show

Featuring Independently Practicing Dental Gurus

Top Independently Practicing Dental Gurus sharing their tips and advice to help folks who are seeking dental care. Check out these amazing Gurus as they share with their neighbors.

The Local Veterinary Gurus Show

Featuring Independently Practicing Vet Gurus

Top Independently Practicing Veterinary Gurus sharing their tips and advice to help folks who are seeking dental care. Check out these amazing Gurus as they share with their neighbors.

Looking To Increase Your Local Brand Awareness?

(If Yes, What Are You Waiting For? Let's Talk About Interviewing You...)


Easily Reach Your Audience

The ability to create opportunity by speaking directly to your ideal audience is a luxury never before enjoyed by businesses. In the age of data, targeting your ideal prospects is easy and affordable.

Instantly Build Trust

Outreach is one thing, getting a prospect to trust you is another. Folks looking for you have never been easier to find, nor have they ever been more skeptical. Which is why building trust is important. Once interviewed, you will possess a powerful "social proof" video to melt away doubts in peoples minds, they see you as a local Guru.

Increase Call Volume

People buy from people they Know, Like and TRUST. The key is called "social proof" which comes in the form of referrals, reviews and 3rd party endorsements, such as Guru Reels TV. That is why we vet every Guru that is interviewed for any of our online shows.



Professional video production is often time-consuming and very expensive, but it doesn't have to be.

Shooting, editing and producing a 3-4 minute video typically retails for $3,000 to $5,000 or more.

For a time, we are underwriting the production costs of creating a news-style interview for independently owned businesses. This means you pay nothing for production!

Please contact us today to discuss the details of this offer.

What we need in return is some detailed feedback and a couple other things.

Unlike "Local TV" there is no ongoing cost! You get lifetime rights to use your video on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram ect..

We also optimize it to show up when people are searching for you on Google!

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